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Men’s long Balkan underpants


Along with ajvar, rakija, and sports betting, long men’s Balkan underpants will make your wintertime even cozier and more fun. Especially for men part of the Van life community.  Underpants are made in Slovenia from 100% cotton. Be warm, be sexy, be a man!   Besides Men’s long Balkan underpants, we will also send you …
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Women’s Balkan underwear


Hairy legs, folk costumes, and sarma cooking are sexy a lot. But imagine a red star on your retro white underpants, looking out of the jeans. Is this love, is this love, is this love, is this love that I am feeling?? Underwear is made in Slovenia from 100% cotton.   Besides Women’s Balkan underwear, …
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Bosnian slipper socks


Bosnian slipper socks are originally called Pape. It is hard to get a product more unique. Pape is made in Bosnia by local grandmothers. You are supporting them directly so thanks for that in their name too. They are special, warm, and handmade. Let the flavour of Bosnia spice up your home!   Besides Bosnian …
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Balkan campers bottle and glasses for rakia


We are against heavy drinking and we realize the problems alcohol is causing worldwide. However, every poison can be a cure in small portions. You need a good Balkan bottle and traditional shot glasses if you want this cure to work to its full potential. Na zdravje  –  ooooooooopaaaaaaaaaa!   Besides the Rakia set, we will …
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